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What gift this celeb brother is going to give his sister this Rakshabandhan?

Raksha Bandhan is a special day for brothers and sisters pan India. It’s a celebration of the bond of love and adoration shared between brother and sister. But many of our actors from the films and television fraternity stay away from home and also don’t get holidays to be with the family during such celebration time. And some are going to celebrate it in a very special way. As all get ready to celebrate the festival in their own style and elan, Films & TV spoke to quite a few of them and tried to know how they are going to bring in this festival of bonds and threads.

Let’s see who is going to celebrate how and what gifts they will be giving their sister on this special day. And Kaanchi aka Mishti is going to celebrate it with her brother who has come all the way to Mumbai from Kolkata just to be with her on this special day and celebrate Raksha Bandhan with her. We at FTV on purpose have also tried to get you the promising ones and who are sure to score a name and a mark in this industry soon. So here’s cheering a toast to their talent. Lets see what they have to say about Raksha Bandhan

Subhash Ghai’s ‘Kaanchi’
Rakhi alwys reminds me of my first childhood friend and playmate‚ my brother. More than celebrating the bond of a brother and sister, rakhi is all about friendship for me and this year fortunately my brother is present in Mumbai with me. I have planned a big surprise for him - loads of gifts and chocolates and a surprise party too.

Rishi Bhutani
Boloraam & others
I don't have a real sister but I have many cousins. This time due to work commitment I am in Mumbai otherwise I am at my hometown with my cousins. I have received my rakhi’s through courier which I will ask my local rakhi sister to tie me. By the way, one of my cousin send it through email and said eco friendly Rakhi this time. Stupid. lol (I loved d thought).

Shoaib Khan
Tollygunge Actor – Knock Out & Gangster King
As right now I am at my home in Delhi, I will visit my sisters to celebrate this festival with them. Will buy clothes and whatever they want, will gift some goodies to the street kids as well so that they also can celebrate it with equal joy as festivals are all about spreading love and happiness. And in the evening will dine out with family and friends.

Arfi Lamba
Actor – Fugly & Slumdog Millionaire
Ah, I am away from my family but all my sisters have sent their rakhi.  I am gonna be missing them but would go to a gurdwara to pray for all of them. And of course it's a festive day, a major portion will go in connecting with sisters and family and rest in eating good food and celebrating here with deiwnda, my friend.

Karan Sharma
I’m in my home town Delhi celebrating raksha bandhan with my dear sister. At some point or the other, we all have secretly bought gifts for our sisters and this time too, I have bought a special gift for her. Just can't wait to have my rakhi tied around my wrist and give her a gift. 

Vishal Nayak
Second Marriage Dot Com & Serials
I will be having a traditional event and will be celebrating at home with my sisters coming over to tie rakhi. Rakhi to me is not only a festival of thread representing love and affection, but the magic of this bond is that it strengthens relations between siblings. I still recollect when I was unwillingly force-fed a lot of traditional Indian sweets on this special day.

Ankur Verma
Television - Suhanisi ek ladki & Jamuna Paar
I live in a joint family and am used to celebrating my raksha bandhan with all cousins with lots of love and joy. But this year I am very much busy shooting for my new show on Star Plus and hence won't be able to be with them. However, my sister has sent me a packet containing rakhi which I will ask my on-screen sister to tie me. Perhaps this might not give me the feeling of missing my home as well perhaps enhance my bonding with my on-screen sis DIA. This might as well lead to a good on screen chemistry between us two.
Here's Television actor Ankur Verma seen with his real life sister on the left and reel sister on the right...
Sunny Goraya
Television - Bade Acche Lagte Hai
For the 1st time I’m out of town with my sisters and mom during Raksha Bandhan. My sisters are very excited about celebrating it on a holiday. They have bought some real beautiful rakhi from the market. Actually we are at my mamas place so after a very long time my mom’s gonna tie rakhi to her brother. So she is very happy. And it means a lot to all of us. Last evening I bought gifts for both of my sisters. In the morning, they will first do Pooja for my health and wealth and then tie rakhi to me. As usual, my younger sister Preeti is already excited about her gift. She is asking me what I am bought for her.  This festival make me feel more closer to my sisters and later in the  afternoon, I will be taking all of them out for lunch.
Sandeep Anand
Television - FIR & others
Due to my shoots, I am unable to go to my hometown Ujjain and hence my sis wont be able to tie a rakhi on my wrist. However, I will go to my rakhi sister's place after shoot. She is not my real sis but my mentor at every situation and more than a real sis to me. She is my writer Amit Aryan’s wife Jas Aryan and it’s been 4 years she is tying rakhi on my wrist as well as taking care of my emotional needs here in Mumbai coz I live alone. I will try to surprise her with some unique gift. And ya, I have sent a smart phone for my real sis and this should take her by surprise.

Krishan Khatra
Boloraam, Kal Kisne Dekha, Teri Meri Kahani
As I am in Mumbai and my parents are in Delhi, this year I will have to celebrate rakhi with my work associates only as I’m shooting tomorrow. However, I will call up my sis and speak to her. She has already sent me a rakhi which I will tie it myself.

Rajesh Deora
A new kid on the block
Rakhi has always been a very special occasion for me. This is a day when all our family gathers to celebrate the love and bond of brothers and sisters. This year is no exception and to add up to the fun we have planned a family outing to Gangtok. I’m to hoping to have superb fun with all my sisters this year.

Amit Khandelwal
Model & upcoming star
These days, youths mostly are living apart from their families for their career. Same is with me. For me raakhi is a family celebration of happiness and joy galore. It’s a festival which unites two souls for lifetime – a bond that speaks of protection of sister by his brother selflessly. I am in my hometown Indore and will be celebrating it with my sister and family. This is one celebration, I cannot forego without going home at any cost.

We at Films & TV World wish them all the best in their endeavour and wish all our readers a very Happy Rakshabandhan.

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