Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Punkaj Challaani's Mamachya Gavala Jaaoo Yaa gives new perspective to Marathi cinema

Kids these days are born geniuses! The way they handle modern gadgets gives us a feel that they are IT experts. No wonder they are born in the era of Information Technology, but the continuous exposure to smart phones, tablets and computers has only led to many diseases at a very young age. Even the physical activity of children has greatly reduced due to technology.

Until some years ago, trips were planned to maternal uncle's place long before the holidays arrived. There was a different fun which the age-old song rightly said 'Jaaoo Yaa... Mamachya Gavala Jaaoo Yaa’ (Let's go to maternal uncle's place). But these days, kids seem to have forgotten the song. In addition to this, nuclear family systems have resulted in kids being distant from their grandparents and thus missing out the important things required for their upbringing. Parents engrossed in corporate lifestyle hardly spend quality time with their children, thereby creating gaps in relationships. So to close the widening gap between relationships and to again bring people close to nature, Pune based Punkaj Challaani thought of producing Mamachya Gavala Jaaoo Yaa.

Punkaj hails from the finance background. But the sheer love of the Marathi language and interest towards cinema encouraged him to produce Marathi films. Having earlier co-produced DhageDore, he had the confidence and thus he decided to produce Mamachya Gavala Jaaoo Yaa as an independent producer.

"Love, hatred and revenge are the orthodox factors on which majority of Marathi films are based. The audience is bored of watching such oft repeated content. But when writer-director Sameer Joshi came to me with the script of Mamachya Gavala Jaaoo Yaa, I immediately said yes. There were two reasons why this film touched my heart. One, the film has the content which is a complete family entertainer and two; the film revolves around the emotional world of kids. I was confident that I could give an all-round entertainment to the viewers," opines Punkaj Challaani.

Marathi Family Entertainment Film set in forest by Punkaj Challaani, Mamachya Gavala Jaaoo Yaa is shot in a Satara jungle near Pune for 30 days and will also see Abhijeet Khandkekar and Mrunmayee Deshpande in pivotal roles. The film is being distributed by Pickle Entertainment all across Maharashtra.

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