Friday, August 8, 2014

Pocket Films supports and distributes the new campaign by MARD

Increasing public awareness is central to Pocket Films. With an aim to spread a strong message to the audiencevia social media and other platforms, Pocket films supports an interesting a campaign inspired by MARD (Men Against Rape and Discrimination), a campaign on social awareness against rape and discrimination of women by Farhan Akhtar.

The video starts with a nightmare for every woman, wherein a girl is stuck at a bus stop in the night. She is all alone on the street and a man on the street keeps looking at her. She then calls her family informing that she will be late. As soon as she puts her phone down, the man picks up his friend and asks a friend to meet him at the same bus stand.

In the video, this particular woman is visibly worried and scared - as any woman in her place would be. The three men then walk towards her. What happens next is unpredictable in today’s world, whereby the boys help the girl reach her home safely by getting an auto for her.

The video is made on behalf of Farhan Akhtar’s organization MARD to spread awareness against gender inequality and rape and show who “real men” are and distributed by Pocket Films to ensure it reaches out to everyone.

According to Mr. Saameer Mody, Managing Director, Pocket Films, “This is a very effective and relevant campaign in the current times for the most talked about initiative, MARD. While we condemn the atrocities against women it is also equally important to understand that message given in this film ‘Not All Men Are Dogs.’ We hope to promote many more such videos in the near future which will be an eye opener to the audience.”

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