Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Write and Shine with Disney Channel’s brand new property ‘Kahani Masters’

Keeping in sync with Disney's legacy of storytelling, Disney Channel India has introduced the new property aimed at reiterating the channel's prowess of encouraging kids to express themselves. The brand new property aptly titled ‘Kahani Masters’ takes Disney’s celebrated legacy of storytelling to towering heights. The 8 month long campaign is aimed to be an encouraging platform for the creative minds of our youngest generation and to provide them with an opportunity to unleash their imagination and share their stories with the entire world through an animated movie scripted by the kid himself. To add to the magnificence of the concept, some of Indian cinema’s immensely talented names will be associated with the initiative and will play a role in mentoring the merited winners who will win their big ticket premieres.

The one-of-its-kind initiative will commence in July with an on-air solicitation campaign wherein kids can send in their stories through posts/emails to the Toonz Animation website. The esteemed panel of judges comprising of popular names from the industry will take on the responsibility of selecting the five worthy winners from the entries received. The selected winners will then go through a workshop session of three days intended to polish their flair for storytelling and detail out their ideas. Come September, ‘Kahaani Masters’ will then enter its most exciting phase with the five selected stories moving into production phase on its way to spiraling into a full-fledged animation short. The movie shorts will then see a grand premiere on Disney Channel in February 2015.

This ground-breaking initiative of Disney Channel is one of the most innovative and significant concepts and ‘Kahani Masters’ is sure to make a mark on the kids’ network scene. Keep watching for more information.

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