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Bin Tere Bin is my debut in Bollywood, says Pakistani singer Hafeez Malik

Mid 2016 has started with a bang for the musical Bin Tere Bin singer Hafeez Malik from across the border. Yes, he is from Pakistan and his romantic track has been loved by the audience and is soon climbing on the music charts. For this young singer-composer, music runs in the blood and he has been creating magic with his tunes. And with Bin Tere Bin he has proved his versatility and there is no looking back for him. The promising young singer - composer certainly has a very long way to go! In an exclusive tete-a-tete over the phone with Soham Siddharth, Hafeez Malik talks about his musical journey and his impending future in Bollywood. Read on...

Films & TV World: Now that “Bin Tere Bin” is a big hit, how do you feel?
Hafeez Malik: This song is very close to my heart and I’m definitely feeling happy with such great public response. No doubt the credit goes to Kiran Films Entertainment and Sumit Uday Films for incorporating this song in their movie Love Keh Do Na Love Hai. Also the video has been wonderfully conceived and directed by Mohan Das which has garnered more fan following. This is a wonderful launch pad for me and its my debut in Bollywood. I am really thrilled and happy and I couldn't ask for more from Allah.

F&TV: How did “Bin Tere Bin” happen?
Hafeez: My first song was a funky one and after that I was thinking that I should be doing a melodious track. It was then that I and my team were brainstorming over what will work well. And “Bin Tere Bin” just flowed. It’s a track that's high on melody, and you can also say it’s the result of the hard work of everyone that we could work on such a heart rendering wonderful tune. But the best part is that the lyrics of Bin Tere Bin is also very emotionally attractive and heart touching making it an emotionally melodic song. This has worked well with the audiences and they have given it a standing ovation by such a huge response.

F&TV: Did you or your team at any time feel that this song will be a part of Bollywood movie?
Hafeez: Never for once in our heart of hearts did we think that this song will get us accolades and that too by being a part of a Bollywood movie. It so happened that the producers Mr. Suren Kakkar and Mr. Sumit Bansala heard this song and were so moved by it that they wanted it to be a part of their film. We were overwhelmed when we heard this and there was no way we could say No to such a wonderful opportunity. And now it’s fast on its way to becoming a chart buster.

F&TV: With singers and actors from Pakistan successful in Bollywood, where do you see yourself?
Hafeez: Pakistan music industry is very popular in all over world and for me it’s just a beginning and I will work hard to prove myself. I have heard renowned celebrities say that fame and success are temporary. However, these both actually drive you to achieve the impossible and be a name to reckon. But, I am also happy that we are able to be a part in spreading the message of peace between both the countries through our music.

F&TV: Why did you decide to become a singer /songwriter?
Hafeez: First I love music and I think this is the best way to express your feelings. Also I have grown up listening to really different music of the best composers across the world. I can say that whoever’s music that has appealed to me and has been music to my ears have mentored me. And these big names actually influenced me to do what I am doing today. And I’m loving it.

F&TV: How do your ideas come to you?
Hafeez: It depends how you feel in a given situation or how you see things through your own perspective or even from others, but what matters is how and what you want to say. Whether it gives a deeper meaning or a sense of understanding is all that can make or mar a song. I simply attribute it to my inner core feelings.

F&TV: What’s your favourite piece of music and why?
Hafeez: It’s always classical because I think in classical and I can express my feelings better in that way. In a way you can say that I’m musically inclined.

F&TV: What’s next?
Hafeez: At the movement I am enjoying the response to my song “Bin Tere Bin” but at the same time I’m also working on a few projects and two are in the pipeline. Many would feel that my genre is emotional melodic song and would want me to do more of those songs as now Bin tere bin is a big hit. But I'm equally capable of doing club songs, slow rock songs and any other kind as well. I want to be known as a musical guy and not belonging to one particular genre. You have to do everything. And as luck would have it, I got a call from a Mumbai based director to work on a particular song. Yes, I am composing as well as gonna sing for another Bollywood movie which I will be announcing soon. Watch out for the same. That will show a different side of my music capability.

F&TV: Any message that you would like to give to your audience?
Hafeez: I will only say that please listen to my song and like, share and promote if you really feel its worth it. I am looking forward to your love, support and encouragement. Love you all.

Ending the call on a positive note, even we feel that the audience is surely gonna support you. Rest everything depends on your hardwork and ofcourse the blessings of all your loved ones.

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