Thursday, August 18, 2016

Brothers gifting health..literally !! Startups promoting healthy gifting options this Raksha Bandhan

When Nikita opened her gate, she found a fruit basket with a note "Dear Sister, Stay Fit Stay Strong". She was surprised to see this unique Raksha Bandhan gift at her doorstep. Karan, her brother, had gone out of the way and ordered a fruit basket from back2basics for his sister suffering from diabetes.

Raksha Bandhan is around the corner and buying a gift for your sister can be quite a task. So how about gifting good health to your sisters? How about going for a fruit basket, or a crate of juice?

This time around, brothers are gifting various health conscious items to sisters through new age startups like back2basics, UrbanClap, etc  to show their affection. Apart from fruit baskets and juices, luxurious at-home services like Gym or Yoga instructors or a session with dietitians are making it into the list of healthy gifting ideas.

back2basics, a unique Bengaluru-based farm-to-fork company that supplies locally grown organic food with same-day-as-harvest doorstep delivery, has introduced such basket and juices on their platform on the occasion of RakshaBandhan.

Salebhai are making this happen to share the same joy and happiness to connect people who live far away what they use to enjoy before. Usually people who live far off have not been able to make it to these festivals and miss their childhood memories. Brands like Paperboat have also came up with its new campaign and launched some childhood flavours to connect the nostalgia. The traditional taste still holds its significant appeal among the modern consumers. The indigenous local delicacies are reminders of a not-so-distant time when life in India was slower and less affected by globalization – says Vishwavijay Singh, Co-Founder,

Also with the help of UrbanClap, a mobile marketplace for local services,  brothers are booking dietitians, gym instructors etc at their homes for their sisters and gifting them a healthy lifestyle this festive season.

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