Thursday, August 18, 2016

Just Buy Live becomes India’s largest distributor with 2500+ marquee brands

Just Buy Live, the world’s first e-distribution platform, has accomplished a new feat by partnering with 2500+ marquee Indian and international brands, becoming the largest distributor in the country. On boarding 500 new and small businesses on an average every day, the company is confident of providing its services to over 100 thousand (one lakh) of these businesses in the next 100 days.

Just Buy Live has received a phenomenal response from the retailer community within a short span of time. Selling over 500,000 products from 2500 brands, including competing brands, across categories like Food, Beverages, Personal Care, Mobile and Auto, Just Buy has successfully brought on board 80 out of India’s and world’s 100 most trusted brands including Apple, Xiaomi, Samsung, Micromax, YU Mobiles, Oppo, Patanjali, ITC, P&G, Unilever, Coca Cola, Pepsico, Amul, Nestlé to name a few.

Commenting on achieving this significant milestone, Sahil Sani, Chairman and CEO, Just Buy Live said, “Just Buy Live was launched with a vision to democratize, disrupt and amplify the distribution industry by empowering retailers with a robust platform and direct access to a wide distribution range. The good news is that we are just getting warmed up. We are delighted with the response we have received from retailer ecosystem, and aim to double the record by becoming official distributors of 5000 brands by the end of 2016.”

Just Buy was launched with a high decibel TV and digital campaign targeting retailers with a strong message of giving hope to a vital section of India’s economy: its 15 million brick-and-mortar traders. The platform is currently catering to over 50,000 retailers, from paanwallas to udipis, kiranas to supermarkets, mobile stores to chemists. Caught between traditional and rigid distribution networks on one hand, and modern e-retailers with their aggressive discounting practices, India’s retailers are a worried lot. Just Buy is the first concrete measure striving to eliminate their worries by giving them a technology edge. It is no wonder that it has cemented its place for life in the system.

“When Just Buy was launched, one of the early challenges was to ensure that brands and manufacturers go for this disruptive concept. Expectedly, the idea got instant acceptance from companies, owing to the wide reach and benefits offered by the app and access to live data streams for business and brand owners,” Sahil further added.

Just Buy Live benefits retailers with numerous advantages by providing them access to a wide range of brands to choose from. The ability of a retailer to provide better choice to its customer is directly proportional to his chances of success. With the Just Buy app, a retailer isn’t restricted to the brands that his local distributor provides, but instead has unrestrained access to a much wider range of products delivered to his doorstep playing a vital role in aiding their expansion plans. Furthermore for retailers, margins, offers and schemes offered by the brands are critical, by selecting products that give the best margin, retailers can improve their revenues and also pass on the cost advantage to their buyers if they choose.

The ‘Just Right’ timing of the Just Buy launch, its unique business-to-business platform in the e-commerce space that connects brands and retailers and the faith reposed in it by both, all seem to point to one thing – the 100 thousand number is just a milestone in what’s turning out to be an exciting journey.

Just Buy Live is the world’s first and largest e-distributor. Launched in 2016, Just Buy Live has a Brand to Retail business model (B2R) that is unique in its efficiency, innovations and scale. The app empowers retailers by enabling them to buy goods directly from brands, while saving more through schemes and deals offered in real time.  The app’s user-friendly interface maximises convenience, democratises product access and unlocks higher profits for retailers. For brands & manufacturers, it offers wider reach, unlimited scale and relevant data.

Just Buy’s app can be used by dukandaars of all kinds - from paanwallas and kiranas to supermarkets, chemists, mobile stores, electronic shops and many more.  The app hosts over 500,000 products from 2,500 brands across categories like Foods, Drinks, Personal Care, Auto, Mobile, Tech, Home, Fashion, Toys, Sports, Stationery and others.

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