Saturday, August 6, 2016

World Handlooms Day:JD Institute introduces handloom course in it's fashion

Leading up to August 7, The National Handloom Day is observed to generate awareness about the importance of handloom industry which is part of India's rich heritage and culture. 

On the occasion of World Handlooms Day, JD Institute of Fashion Technology has decided to include one project dedicated on handlooms sector in each semester.
Each student will undergo research on the special subject which will be initiated from this year.

Along with this, a book named “Untold Stories” highlighting the unsung artist and weavers will be published this year.

Indian hand-looms have long been languishing in the corner of a fast churning fashion cycle, it’s historic beauty has been unravelling in the rush of industry driven trends. Over 43 lakh people are engaged in handloom weaving and allied activities in India. 

Mr.Rc Dalal,Executive Director,JD Institute of Fashion Technology says,” "Handloom industry forms an important part of culture and tradition and it's one of the second largest employment generating sector for rural India. All it needs is our attention (fashion industry ) to evoke a new revolution and take this to the world. I have already requested to India Fashion week in London to have a special section on Handloom Designer products of India.

India has one of the finest textile traditions in the world. The handloom industry of India is as old as our civilization itself and boasts of a lot of living traditions to this day. Handloom weaving is one of the largest economic activities after agriculture, providing direct and indirect employment to more than 43 lakh weavers and allied workers. The sector contributes to nearly 15% of the cloth production in the country and also contributes to the country’s export earnings.  95% of the world’s hand woven fabric comes from India.

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