Wednesday, August 17, 2016

PVR Director’s Cut launches Popcorn Bar

PVR Director’s Cut launches Popcorn Bar, a gourmet dessert counter with their latest offering of sweet and savory popcorn and exotic range of ice cream flavors in collaboration with ‘Minus 30’ – an upcoming Delhi-based designer ice cream brand rooted in the old tradition of Italian ice cream masters, and specializing in blends that are free from artificial flavors.

Popcorn Bar at PVR Director’s Cut is home to a variety of exciting new flavors available for in-cinema dining or as take away treats, such as the international savory range including Cheddar, Wasabi, Cajun & Cheese, Sour Cream & Onion flavors to name a few; the sweet range including Mocha Caramel, Belgian Chocolate and Fruit range of Mango, Orange & Watermelon and the exclusive Popcorn Sundae range made of a customized mix of ice creams and popcorn flavors.

Minus 30 have designed nine bespoke flavors of ice creams exclusively for Director’s Cut, ranging from classics like French Vanilla, Strawberry to tantalizing flavors such as Goat Cheese with Wild Berry Compote, Citrus Martini and Passion Fruit that are now available in individual scoops and ice cream sundaes paired with matching popcorn flavors as toppings.

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