Thursday, August 18, 2016

I always wanted to debut with a lead role in Bollywood: Suhani Jethlia

Though Suhani Jethlia is debuting with Meeradha, she carries poise and confidence. If the director’s statements are to be believed, Suhani is all ready to steal the hearts of the audience with her brilliant performance. According to the director, she has been roped in to essay Radha in the film. “She has been cast because she is meant for the role that she’s doing. She has given a brilliant performance in the film and believe me, Suhani is an excellent actor who can give a brilliant output.” We thought it’s time to test this debutante actress and check her confidence levels. Films & TV World editor Soham Siddharth caught up with her on Independence Day during her movie promotion in Mumbai. A tete-a-tete with this glam doll..

Films & TV World: You are making your debut with the most romantic film of the season. How do you feel about it?
Suhani Jethlia: I am so excited that my film Meeradha is releasing today. I always wanted to debut with a lead role in Bollywood and god has answered my prayers. While growing up I kept on hearing a lot of stories about how much an actor has to struggle before making it big, but I am really lucky to get work quite easily and that too in our home production. But at the same time I’m nervous also as it’s my debut. I am just keeping my fingers crossed and praying to the almighty and hoping for the best. There is a fear but I believe that public will like our movie for sure.

FTV: Tell us about your character in the film?
Suhani: I played the character of Radha - a very stylish, sexy, modern, rich girl. She is naughty too but sincerely loves Krishna. I am really happy that I got to play the character of Radha as I could portray all sorts of emotions. And being a youth oriented romantic commercial film, I had to look gorgeous and glamorous too.

FTV: To look glamorous, have you taken any special care?
Suhani: Not at all. As this is our home production, I rather had to multi-task and manage a lot of things including shooting and production at the same time.

FTV: How was it working with team Meeradha and especially Sandesh Gour?
Suhani: It was really a great experience. I want to appreciate all the team members’ efforts and like to add that all have done a great job. As this is almost everyone's debut, so all are full of enthusiasm and excited too. As regards Sandesh, I want to say that he is very cooperative, loveable, hardworking man with a great soul. While shooting on sets with the director sir he also helped me a lot. And in future if I got a chance to work with him then I will definitely not think twice.

FTV: How different is your role from Venus?
Suhani: My role is totally different from Venus. She is a very sincere girl and I am just opposite to her. There is just one similarity between both of us - we both love Krishna by heart. However, she is playing Meera and me Radha.

FTV: Did you any time wanted to do Venus’s role?
Suhani: No, never. This thought never crossed my mind as I had the option to play any character that I wanted to choose - be it Radha or Meera. I have myself selected the character of Radha and I think Venus has done a splendid job as Meera. Only she could do justice to it. And I am very happy with my character Radha, which in any way is diametrically different from the one performed by Venus. Also the role of Radha suits my real life nature too. But in future I am ready to play all sorts of roles.

FTV: Have you taken any acting course before entering films?
Suhani: Not really. But since childhood I am very active in all cultural and sports activities and that has helped me a lot while shooting. I have also given many stage shows and naturally I was confident that I won’t have any nervousness or anything while facing the camera or shooting for my movie.

FTV: Was it easy being your father’s film?
Suhani: This is a professional project. Of course, the producer happens to be my dad, but instead of that being a plus point, I was expected to give my best shot. It wasn’t that I was free to do anything; rather it tied me down with more responsibilities. Many have the notions that since my dad is the writer- producer, he selected me for the lead role. But this is absolutely wrong and I was selected by our director Ashish Sinhaji. In a way, I am glad that I got this opportunity because of my hard work and my talent, which added to my confidence.

FTV: You have also sung for the project. Are you a trained singer?
Suhani: Yes basically I’m a singer by profession. I have completed my Senior Diploma in Music from Prayag Sangeet Samiti (Allahabad). In a way, you can say that I’m debuting as a singer actor and I have an one item cum party song which is also picturised on me.

FTV: What is your special number from the film?
Suhani: Its not my own number. I rather love “Tumhari chahaton ka silsila” sung by Shaan sir. He has an amazing voice and that song literally takes my heart away. I am happy that the song is shot with me and Sandesh and it will forever be a memorable part of my life.

FTV: What are you looking to do in future?
Suhani: I am waiting for the audience reactions to the movie and especially my acting. If my work is good, if the audience and the industry accepts me whole-heartedly, I will surely make a career in this field. And I am really hoping that after Meeradha, I will certainly make it happen in the field of singing and/or acting. Given a chance and if good roles come to me, I will definitely go ahead. Rest all depends on what the almighty has planned for me. I’m sure it has to be good. Amen..!!

Whether the film will do any magic at the box-office or not is an entirely different ballgame. However we are sure that it will surely earn fame for this pretty girl from Bhilwara who’s debuting as an actress as she is a natural and doesn’t have to act. It’s time to watch her talent in acting as the film releases today pan India. Go catch it at a movie theatre near you.

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