Friday, September 13, 2013

Emotional Atyachaar unravels a shocking story of betrayal with the star cast of Grand Masti

As people grow in life, greed becomes the driving force in a person’s life because of which they often overlook love and emotions in a person. Something similar happened to Nitin, a fun-filled Punjabi young lad who hailed from a business family. While talking about his heartbreak on the show he poured his heart out to Aftab Shivdasani, Reteish Deshmukh and Vivek Oberoi, the stars of Grand Masti. The trio not only eased the tension in his mind but also lent him advice to move on in life.

Nitin’s love story began on a usual day at his sweet shop in Delhi when he first saw Garima at his shop. For him, it was love at first sight and in no time he approached Garima by hiding a love letter in one of the mithai boxes. Garima was bowled over with this romantic gesture and accepted his proposal. Soon, they progressed into a relationship. While they were dating, Nitin had issues about Garima being obsessed with uploading pictures on social networking websites, making her life public. Garima would post pictures with Nitin as well, but never mentioned about their relationship.

Eventually with time Nitin ignored her fixation and accepted her whole-heartedly. With each day, Nitin’s fondness for Garima grew and he introduced her to his family and friends. Garima instantly struck chords with everyone, particularly Siddharth who had recently returned to India. As the two bonded, they discovered common likes and dislikes which brought them closer to each other. Blindly in love, Nitin never realized Garima’s ulterior motives behind her actions and decided to propose her for marriage.

Little did he know about the shock that awaited him which turned his life upside down, he saw Garima’s true colours and a drastic change in her behaviour. She purposely laid a trap to malign his image in front of everyone in a bid to get rid of him. What was Garima’s trap? Was she cheating on Nitin? What was it that left Nitin appalled and heartbroken?

To find out Nitin’s fate, tune in to Emotional Ataychaar on Sunday, 14th September at 7pm only on bindass.

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