Friday, September 13, 2013

Sahara One ignites a debate with its new series Aakhir Bahu Bhi Toh Beti Hee Hai

Sociologists wonder why today joint families across India are giving way to nuclear families. There are many reasons but the primary difference is in the expectations that mother-in laws and their daughter-in-laws have from each other. And here is where Sahara One is looking to score with their brand new show ‘Aakhir Bahu Bhi Toh Beti Hee Hai’ set to air from Monday, September 30 at 9 p.m.

Sahara One’s ‘Aakhir Bahu Bhi Toh Beti Hee Hai’ is a story where bahu’s and beti’s are treated in a different manner. This story is set in Gorakhpur, UP and revolves around a typical conservative family where mother-in-law “Naulakha Devi”(Prachee Pathak) is a very strict and a very dominating woman who is ritualistic to the core. She sees her bahus in a very orthodox light. She believes that the bahu’s of the house should be ruled with an iron hand and any change will break the entire house.

On the contrary, the main protagonist Sia(Payal Rajput) is a young, vibrant, bubbly and extrovert. She is a today’s girl representing the young women, fearless and with self-respect. She is intelligent, confident with an opinion of her own and stand up for what is right. She firmly believes that her sasural is not going to be any different from her maayka.

Shri. Sharad Raj, Head Programming, Sahara One Media and Entertainment Ltd comments, “With changing times, social and family dynamics also need to change and evolve, and this is what we intend addressing in our forthcoming show, "Aakhir Bahu Bhi Toh Beti Hee Hai". The evolving young women of our country have a question in their minds, that if a girl leaves her family, adopts her husband's family as her own family and delivers all the duties expected of her, then why can’t her in-laws, more specifically her mother-in-law treat her as her daughter? Why does she have to be a "typical" daughter-in- law distanced, restricted and bit removed from the rest of the family, when she has the right upbringing, right "sanskaars"? The series ABBTBH attempts to address this question which women of today are is an emotional aspiration of every ‘bahu’ today and it is time that this debate should come out in the open”.

Shri. Bharat Srivastava, Producer, Impact Tele Network Pvt. Ltd. who debuts with his first show on Indian Television says, “Aakhir Bahu Bhi Toh Beti Hee Hai” is a saga of different shades attached to this most celebrated tradition of Indian wedding where a girl transforms from innocence to maturity, from carefree life to a role of responsibility and from a girl to a woman. In the process, the girl sacrifices a lot but the same is not taken by the society in the right spirit. Her biggest challenge then becomes to make the new family fill the gaps of the old one. Her mother-in-law undoubtedly becomes the centre point, especially in a joint family. Our story revolves around these two characters as how the interesting unfolding of incidents bonds these two strangers so strongly that the daughter-in-law is accepted as a daughter and mother-in-law as a mother”.

‘Aakhir Bahu Bhi Toh Beti Hee Hai’ is a story of a mother-in-law, Naulakha Devi and her daughter-in-law, Sia and the conflict between them when two different people with different thinking meet. The show captures evolving relationships between mother-in-laws and daughter-in-laws and the eternal concept of how bahus and betis are treated differently in our society. The show adds muscle to its socialistic storyline with versatile actors like Payal Rajput, Prachee Pathak, Seema Pandey, Aryan Pandit & Paritosh Sand.

Kya bahu kabhie beti ban sakti hai? Watch Aakhir Bahu Bhi Toh Beti Hee Hai starting Monday, September 30, Every Monday to Friday at 9 p.m only on Sahara One

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