Sunday, September 22, 2013

“Water” to open 4th Jagran Film Festival at Mumbai on September 24 at Fun Republic, Andheri

The 4th edition of, ‘Jagran Film Festival, Mumbai 2013,’ will begin with the film Water and will be screened on September 24 at Fun Republic, Andheri, Mumbai. Water is a 120 minute feature film born out of a unique Israeli-Palestinian cinematic cooperation. Produced by the Film and Television department of the Tel Aviv University in association with Tu Vas Voir, the project Water is made in HD, color. Yael Perlov has initiated this project and is also the Artistic Director of Water. Its original version is in Arabic, Hebrew, and English.

The film, a unique piece of art has been screened at various international film festivals, Venice International Film Festival, Jerusalem Film Festival, Busan International Film Festival, Mostra International de Cine de Saõ Paulo, Brazil, Stockholm International Film Festival, Swedenand many others. This is the Asian Premiere of the film.

Taking complete artistic freedom, in 2012, a small group of Israeli and Palestinian filmmakers directed a feature film that explored a strong unifying subject - WATER. Besides being a highly poetic and pastoral subject, water is also a very political and violent subject with respect to the Israel-Palestine conflict. Water is about two conflicting populations, which couldn't overcome the prejudice and political intimidation but ultimately finds a platform for a unique collaboration, in the form of this feature film. This is one of the reasons why Water is so special.

Cinema always has the ability to penetrate forbidden zones and Water exemplifies that. It has made all of us realize that we all yearn for a solution to this long-going on conflict. Seven Directors have interpreted this subject in their own creative way, which together has given shape to Water.

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