Thursday, November 10, 2011

Navya goes on a new direction as a new phase starts in Anant & Navya’s lives

Leaving their teenage college days behind, Navya and Anant are moving ahead in life with new dreams and desires. They are embarking on a new phase in their lives and are in a happy space for now. In tonight’s episode, they both will head to office on their first day at work.

A Starplus.insider claims, “Post their exams results both Anant and Navya think about the future. Navya who wants to help her dad is thrilled to have got a job in a magazine firm, while Anant has been asked to join his father’s business. They are both happy with their respective jobs and will meet to exchange cute gifts and share a sweet moment before heading to work. Meanwhile, their friends Ranbir, Appy and Ritz will be angry that both Anant and Navya are too busy with their lives and not catching up with them as they used to earlier. Unaware that Anant lied to her about his family consenting to her working, Navya will thank his family while a shocked Anant will wait for the other shoe to drop.”

Anant is worried about his fib and tense that it would be out soon and create problems. “On Ranbir’s advice, I told Navya that my family had allowed her to work. I thought it would be a while till she got a job. I couldn’t see her sad face and lied to her, but now that she has got a job, I don’t know what to do. I just wanted to make her happy. And today she’s coming over to thank my family for giving their permission. I am scared and wondering what to do.”

A thrilled Navya says, “Dad wasn’t sure if I would be able to work so soon in life but I instilled confidence in him. His condition that Anant’s family had to agree to it was also fair. I felt so good when dad said I was trying to be a good bahu. When I got the job everyone was so happy. I am working to help my dad with the household expenses. It feels great to be out there in the real world.”

Will Anant’s family find out that Navya is working? Or will Anant lie further to hide his earlier lie? Don’t forget to watch Navya every Monday to Friday at 10 pm only on STAR Plus.

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