Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sundeep Malani's "Jo Jo Laali" to premiere on World Aids Day..

Sundeep Malani's short award winning film Jo Jo Laali, (originally made in Kannada) will have its First World Premiere on Internet via Awaaz TV broadcasting from California. Simultaneously it will also have a Satellite Release on December 1st, considered worldwide as World Aids Day.

Jo Jo Laali - a heart wrenching lullaby - shot in Mumbai over a period of a week is a beautiful Kannada film with English subtitles of a classical dancer single mother who discovers that her 4 year old son born out of a love affair has AIDS transmitted by her ( from mother to son). The agony of her heart wrenching loss is portrayed through music and dance and the film ends on a note of positivity with a strong message for society in this gripping emotional drama.

A musical and emotional film, Jo Jo has brought in heaps of laurels and awards for all including actress Kalpana Pandit for Best Actress at the South India Mega Film Contest, Master Shrey Tejani as the Best child actor for his cute performance at the Gujarat International Film Festival and director Sundeep Malani as Best Directord at the Super Kidz International Film Festival. The film has been praised for the beautiful rendering and the ease with which the story was told in an emotional way than being too loud and overdramatic. Sundeep’s wonderful screenplay and direction and has won accolades, appreciations and requests for screening at various film festivals and college events to educate the youth on this subject.

Jo Jo Laali has wonderful performances by Kalpana Pandit, Akash Hora and Shrey Tejani playing central roles. With music by Ameya Naik and tandav score by Ricky Kej, Kalpana who is a talented dancer has tried to match her footsteps with her Director’s dream muse – Sridevi and has come close to her performance. Produced by House of Pandit, the film is been dubbed in Hindi for telecast on Awaaz TV on December. 1st. Unfortunately, such films do not see the light of the day in our very own country where the dangers of the deadly disease AIDS loom large. Its high time our government made it mandatory for satellite channels to release a slot for such films to be aired.

Besides Jo Jo Laali, Sundeep's forthcoming attraction include Jaanleva 555 which is ready for release.

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