Friday, September 26, 2014

Accord Equips honored to be associated with the Mangalayan Launch

India created history today when ISRO's Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) successfully entered the orbit of the red planet Mars. The extraordinary milestone made India the first nation to enter Mars orbit in first attempt. While every Indian has a reason to celebrate this momentous occasion, the team at Accord Equips has a double reason to rejoice as its camera team earned the honor of recording the second by second moves of the prestigious Mangalayan launch process.

While the accomplished scientists of ISRO went about with scientific precision all through the launch process, Accord Equips’ camera Canon C300 was unfailingly shooting the well planned on-location activities that unfolded 12 hours before the launch. The fact that this prestigious up to the minute account of Mangalayan’s victorious launch will be preserved for generations to come through the coverage captured by Accord Equips’ flagship camera Canon C300 brings an enormous sense of achievement to the whole team of this end to end digital filming solutions provider.

On this splendid moment Mr. Tejash Shah, Managing Director, Accord Equips says, “It’s been our pleasure and pride to be part of this mission. We heartily congratulate ISRO’s team for the successful launch of Mars Orbit Mission (MOM), also we are thankful to ISRO team for providing us with such a great opportunity.”

Accord Equips was a pioneer in bringing Canon C300 (EF mount) camera to the tinsel town of Mumbai. The EOS C300 camera has been designed to meet the demanding needs of cinema industry professionals, providing a modular, portable and eminently adaptable system of cameras, lenses and accessories built for movie making in the 21st century. The company has many firsts and landmark endeavors to its credit. From being a pioneer in introducing digital video (DV) formats for rentals in Mumbai to being the first to bring in tapeless HD support to low cost digital, Accord Equips has had a long drawn list of technology breakthroughs to date. But to be a part an achievement of national significance will always remain one of the most cherished moments for the Accord Equips team.

“It is an overwhelming moment. We are proud, emotional and humbled at the same time. We remember our team returned spellbound by the spectacle. They particularly remember the raised temperature due to the heat released at the time of launch. We wish ISRO many more history making successes in the future”, says Mr. Shah.

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