Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Dance to the tunes with Big Magic’s Mahisagar

With excitement, exuberance all around, Mahi is challenged to a dance off which she accepts very challengingly. What ensues is an episode bursting with entertainment with a dose of comedy only for the viewers this Thursday 11th September, at 7.30pm on India’s one stop Destination for humor - Big Magic’s light-hearted relationship drama Mahisagar!

As per the track, Mahi gets herself a challenge to dance in a competition from their friendly neighbors relative Aarti . After a lot of persuasion she convinces Sagar to be her partner. In spite of practicing day and night Mahi releases that Aarti is a great dancer and its going to be tough to compete against her.  The every courageous Mahi looses no hope despite being scorned at by her authoritative mother in law, Ansuya. Will Mahi Sagar win against all odds? Or will this time she will lose her face in front of Anusya?

MahiSagar is a A rib-tickling offering set in the background of Gujarat, show revolves around the life of a sweet, carefree small-town girl who is pitted against her politically distinguished mother-in-law. With an amusing storyline and stellar cast featuring Vandana Pathak. Aired on Big Magic at 7.30 pm, the show MahiSagar has captured the audience’s imagination and received a lot of adulation from fans and critics alike. Shake a leg with this fun filled episode of Mahisagar this Thursday. Stay tuned.

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