Friday, September 26, 2014

Rannvijay Singh's wife monitors love making scene during shoot of 3 AM

Steamy scenes in movies are the main culprits for throwing actors off their game while shooting. Even the boldest of bold sometimes shy away from love making in front of the camera as they are not quite sure how it will turn out to be.

Actress Anindita Nayar and Rannvijay Singh were very uncomfortable shooting the scene for the movie 3 am especially due to presence of Rannvijay's wife being on the sets for the particular scene.

According to sources, Rannvijay's wife kept looking into the monitor on the sets to see the final outcome of the shot. This made Anindita into a bundle of nerves as every move was being scrutinized by her on screen lover’s real life wife!

We wonder what must be going through the minds of Anindita and Rannvijay Singh when the actor's wife was observing all the moves of her husband closely.

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