Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Enjoy a truly ‘Royal’ Navratri celebration with Akbar Birbal

India’s one stop destination for Humor- Big Magic’s historical comedy Akbar Birbal will be celebrating the divine festival Navratri on 25th and Friday 26th September with loads of magnificence and glory. Staying true to the channels promise of offering humour filled content, deeply rooted in its core market; the show will see the festival with elements fof fun and entertainment being celebrated in authentic Hindi heartland style making it an ideal watch for the adults but youth alike.

On the occasion of Navratri, Raani Sahiba announces a Dandiya competition in the kingdom to set everybody in the festive mood. The palace is revelling in the celebrations with the members dolling up in the traditional attires and dancing to the tunes of the beautiful music from drums and the dholak. With special dance classes for the Emperor, things don’t go as planned leading to a lot of chaos in the palace. What ensues are side-splitting and rib-tickling moments for the fans to enjoy this festive special.

Featuring some of the best in comedy and television entertainment, India’s first Historical Comedy, Har Mushkil Ka Hal – Akbar Birbal has been greatly admired and loved by the audiences. It presents the popular childhood folktales in a fresh comedy avatar featuring Kiku Sharda, Delnaz Irani, Vishal Kotian and Kishwar Merchant.

Get ready for the double dose of humor this Thursday and Friday. Join the cast as they celebrate and entertain the fans with dance and music at 9 pm on 25th and 26th September, 2014 at 9 pm only on Big Magic.

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