Friday, September 19, 2014

Beauty pageant winners Koyal Rana and Megan Young spotted at the Kemps Corner outlet of Dessange Paris

Films & TV World Journalist spotted these beauty pageant winners Koyal Rana (Miss India 2014) and Megan Young (Miss World 2013) at the Kemps Corner outlet of Dessange Paris at Kemps Corner, Mumbai. Exhausted by their hectic schedules, travel plans and promotions; these beauty queens were spotted indulging themselves with hair and foot spa treatments. While Koyal took a foot spa and a blow dry, Megan took a hair treatment to rejuvenate her damaged hair. They surrendered themselves in the hands of French trained senior stylists at Dessange Paris who are known for their world class expertise.

Located at Chinoy Mansion, Warden Road, Kemps Corner, Mumbai, Dessange Paris is the No. 1 “Haute Coiffure” in the world as it’s rightly called. Dessange is undoubtedly world’s leading International salon and spa with around 2000 salons in 47 countries. Femininity, elegance and charm – three words define the world of Dessange, a house of luxury dedicated to women's beauty. Aiming to offer state of art, a global concept of beauty that combines the elegance, personality and quality of a genuinely tailor-made offering, Dessange Paris recently opened its gates in Mumbai with two signature salon located at Kemps corner and Bandra. This salon and spa expertise extends to the core of the brand's product ranges, with hair care, make-up, face and body care formulas that offer every woman a glamorous aura, a sensory experience and a professional result.

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