Sunday, September 28, 2014

Two catchy tracks from ‘Mumbai Delhi Mumbai’ out ~ Tracks Entry to Delhi and Raahi Raahi present two perspectives on the film

Viacom 18 Motion Pictures’ upcoming film ‘Mumbai Delhi Mumbai’ is epitomizing the age-old battle for honor between Mumbai and Delhi, and has added a twist to the tale with two new music videos titled ‘Entry to Delhi’ and ‘Raahi Raahi’. The recently released videos show the love-hate relationship between the protagonists Pia Bajpai as Mumbai ki Pia and Shiv Pandit as Dilli ka Goli.

The video for ‘Entry to Delhi’ showcases Pia’s detestation for Delhi on her maiden trip to the city. A series of misadventures lead to her bumping into Goli in the middle of a road, and she ends up having to spend the day with him. Goli comes across as a loud and pompous lad and Pia can barely tolerate him. The video features a series of spiteful exchanges between the two but ends with Goli going down on one knee as Pia is about to head into the airport, presumably to return to Mumbai. The refreshing soundtrack is quite in sync with the video, making it an interesting watch.Watch Pia and Goli do their antics here:
‘Raahi Raahi’ presents a perspective on an unusual outcome of a meeting between a typical smart and independent Mumbai girl and a standard Delhi boy.The video captures some heartwarming moments between Goli and Pia where the two connect with each other.The melodious voices of Tochi Raina and Neeti Mohan add a soft touch to the battle between Goli and Pia. Check out the video here...
‘Mumbai Delhi Mumbai’ explores what happens when a Mumbai-loving girl meets a Delhi-loving boy.  The film plays on the inherent dislike for Delhi in every Mumbaikar’s heart and the innate abhorrence of Mumbai in every Delhiite’s heart. Produced by Viacom 18 Motion Pictures and directed by Satish Rajwade, the film starring Pia Bajpai and Shiv Pandit is set to release soon.

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