Thursday, September 25, 2014

Superstar Hrithik Roshan delivers video message on why his brand HRX partnered with MTB Himalaya Challenge 2014

HRX, a brand established by global superstar Hrithik Roshan along with his management agency Exceed Entertainment, recently announced an exciting, industry-first partnership with the tenth annual mountain bike race MTB Himalaya Challenge 2014, beginning on the 26th September.

The partnership between HRX and the MTB Himalaya Challenge 2014 will bring together both brands’ vision for sporting excellence, promoting a healthy lifestyle, the sustainability of local communities and ecological preservation with a modern style and aesthetic.

Hrithik went on camera with the following video message to explain just how both brands’ vision, ideology and philosophy are in synergy:  "I am really excited about the association of my brand HRX with HASTPA at the tenth Hero MTB Himalaya. HRX is a platform that inspires people to bring out their best and never give up. It is about pushing your extreme. MTB Himalaya being the biggest and most grueling platform in Asia for mountain biking, also supports the philosophy of pushing your extreme. A lot of riders come from across the world to race through some of the most beautiful yet strenuous terrain.

HASTPA as an organisation supports an active lifestyle by promoting holistic adventure tourism - mountain biking being one of the most physically stimulating sports. HRX too believes in the same philosophy - stay active, stay fit. I always say, pain is fuel for a fitter world."

Click here to view and download Hrithik Roshan’s video message. 

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