Thursday, September 18, 2014

Radio City 91.1 FM puts ‘City’zens First! Launches a nationwide ‘City First Aap First’ campaign

India's first and leading FM radio brand, Radio City 91.1 FM unveils a new brand campaign, ‘City First Aap First’, that focusses on the brand’s ‘consumer first’ ideology. Reaching out to the millions of listeners who connect with the brand on a daily basis, Radio City 91.1 FM explores the different facets of listeners’ lives and creates multiple platforms to reach out to them. The ‘City First Aap First’ campaign is a tribute to all the listeners whose continued support put Radio City as an undisputed leader over the past 13 years!

As a part of this initiative, Radio City aims to give listeners’ experiences that they would cherish their lifetime. These special moments created exclusively for the listeners shall take the engagement to an all new platform with an underlying message on how for Radio City, each listener is ‘First’.

Radio City intends to touch various points of listeners’ lives and make them special. Listeners get to have a lifetime experience of a VIP treatment through a luxury ride to their destination, providing health conscious listeners from joggers’ parks with health drinks. Radio City also provides its listeners freedom from standing in long queues by ensuring that its promoters stand in queue for them. Radio City will be helping its listeners build better society by controlling the pollution emitted out of the vehicles playing in the city!

In today’s times where inflation and increasing fares of cabs have pushed a common man to use public transport, Radio City 91.1 FM brings to its listeners the ‘Aap First Luxury Drive’. The once-in-a-lifetime chance offers listeners a VIP treatment by helping them reach their respective destinations plying in no lesser a car than a BMW! Starting this week, listeners can look out for Radio City BMWs stationed near the busy streets of the city & hop into them to reach their preferred destination like a king!

Keeping the health of its listeners first in mind and caring for their health, Radio City 91.1 FM offers them a healthy drink at the end of their grueling jog/walk at prominent parks!

Extending the health benefits & keeping the listeners’ health as a top priority, through the ‘City First Aap First’ campaign, Radio City 91. 1 FM offers Pollution Under Control (PUC) checking at numerous fuel stations!

All of us hate standing in long and tiring queues which rob us of our precious time. Radio City 91.1 FM keeps its listeners first priority and gives the listeners a chance to break out of the queues and have their work done in an instant!

Talking about the campaign, Ms. Apurva Purohit, CEO, Radio City 91.1 FM said, “We at Radio City believe in the philosophy of ‘Listener First’. We have structured our content basis what the listeners wanted, whether it is the songs we play or the tips we give on air. For us our listeners’ preference and choice has always been the primary driver. This has paid us rich dividends across markets propelling us to being a category leader and a music destination for 13 years. ‘City First Aap First’ is a testimony and a tribute to the listeners.  We have a strong line- up of breakthrough content and brand initiatives which shall take the listener experience and engagement to a new level and we are sure that through this initiative, yet again Radio City shall set a new benchmark in FM radio landscape.”

Taking the emotional connect with the listeners to the next level, Radio City promises to add a fresh new dimension with ‘City First Aap First’. Apart from various touch points on-ground, Radio City 91.1 FM offers its listeners, an innovative array of their favorite shows by introducing content that keeps the ‘City’ first! With distinctly differentiated content through a bouquet of exciting, path breaking initiatives, ‘City First Aap First’ will uniquely position Radio City to capture and sustain a lion’s share in the market delivering an unmatched radio experience.

Keep listening to Radio City 91.1 FM because no matter what, Radio City 91.1 FM ke liye Aap First!

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