Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Desperate minds, desperate measures : Playing the Blame Game..

Day 14 and 15: A fortnight has passed in the Bigg Boss 5 house and a lot many occurrences have happened. But, the game’s only getting uglier, nastier and spicier! After Gulabo’s exit, Mahek and Shonali get into an argument where Mahek was blaming Shonali for over-exaggerating her angry outburst with Pooja Misrra before the housemates while Sanjay Dutt clearly informed Shonali that she was wrong in telling the housemates that she had hurt her eye. A cornered Shonali tried to justify herself, but had very few words to be able to do so,

The Bigg Boss 5 House witnesses a new entry in the form of Sidharth Bhardwaj, who was dressed as a masked man and woke up the housemates with a song and a rose. When he revealed himself, Shonali is ecstatic while Vida gets exasperated and questions everyone as to why he was chosen to enter the house. Vida then discusses with Juhi how she knows Sidharth and her opinion of him.

A notorious Sidharth passes a comment that offends Pooja Misrra. A furious Pooja Misrra runs to the bathroom and expresses her frustration to Amar and Shraddha. While one side of the house is busy gossiping, the other side is busy flirting for fun. Newbie Sidharth is playing cool while flirting with Pooja Bedi in the dining area and the week-old Amar is flirting with Vida.

Raageshwari’s secret task is announced to the contestants who are sitting in the living room area. Bigg Boss also announces that because Raageshwari’s attempt was half-hearted, a punishment will be administered. An upset Raageshwari accepted her punishment while the other contestants were shocked at the announcement. Raageshwari’s close-friend Pooja Bedi broke down and asked Bigg Boss to reconsider his decision. Shakti and captain Mandeep discuss their plans for the upcoming nominations.

Nominations are announced and contestants are asked to state their choices. After the nominations occurred, all the housemates were convinced that the real game has just started and it will be about the survival of the fittest. Close buddies, Lakshmi and Mahek engsged in a not-so-pleasant conversation where Lakshmi told Mahek that she had an imposing attitude, hearing which Mahek is angry with Lakshmi for letting her down in front of the other contestants.

Pooja Misrra attempts to mend ways and apologizes to Mahek about her past behavior and begs for forgiveness claiming her apology was sincere. A considerate Mahek accepts Pooja’s apology and agrees to give her another chance to prove herself. Later, when Pooja Misrra is washing the dishes, onlooker Sidharth appreciates the amount of effort and hard work she was putting in for the housemates.

At the end of the day, a tired Sidharth complains about the lights in the house not being turned off even though it was pretty late into the night. At this, Shraddha quips back that the lights would go off only once he would stop talking. To prove the point, the lights are turned off and the housemates burst into laughter and the overall environment lightens up as the housemates retire for the night.

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