Sunday, October 30, 2011

One dashing Male makes an entry – Other from Bigg Boss 5 House, Evicted!

If there is one thing that the Bigg Boss house has in abundance this year, it’s women! Bigg Boss Season 5 kicked off with 12 female contestants, 1 transgender and 1 male contestant. Now, as the show completes its fourth week, the equation has definitely changed - with the house currently hosting 8 female contestants, 1 transgender and 4 male contestants.

And to add to the Diwali weekend special, the ladies had a special guest visiting them – Ranbir Kapoor who not only visited the sets of Bigg Boss 5 – Aapka Farman to promote his upcoming movie Rockstar, but also made it a point to string his guitars with Sunju Baba. And if this wasn’t enough, the actor entered the house and spoke to the contestants in person. He had a good time with the lovely female contestants after a jamming session with Sunju baba. It was said that Ranbir was very keen to have a conversation with the ladies – especially so because they are ‘trapped’ in the house with a handful men. And he not only cheered them up but even broke into a jig with Lakshmi.

On the other hand, Shakti kapoor was evicted last nite after a dance and drama session. However, Shakti was not the only one on radar as Mahek Chahal, Pooja Bedi and Shraddha Sharma were also on the nomination list for eviction this week. The nerves and tension began to rise in the house which was evident from the flaring tempers that audiences witnessed this week. However, in the end, the first and only male then to enter the Bigg Boss House, Shakti Kapoor was evicted from the show.

Hai ye mujre ki raat akhri..
Shakti Kapoor was the only male inside the house for the first week of Bigg Boss Season 5. While his reputation of being a ladies man preceded him, Shakti changed everyone's minds and emerged as the father-figure of the house. He stayed away from conflict and fights and chose to remain neutral as often as possible. Shakti always maintained that he missed the company of his family during the show and was happy to prove to them that he could lead a happy life without his daily dose of alcohol. During his stay in the house, Shakti bonded with not only the female contestants that started the journey with him, but also with the men that provided the much-needed testosterone in the following weeks. Rumoured to have created an extremely close bond with Vida and Shraddha, Shakti also managed to win the hearts of the other contestants, especially during his stint as the captain of the house during the first two weeks of the show. While in the first three weeks, Shakti was able to win hearts, his strategy of influencing house mates to nominate each other was revealed during his final week in the house and the ever diplomatic Shakti was put in the midst of controversy. But will there be no more games being played inside the house now that the mastermind is out?

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