Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dog bites Ankit Bathla on the sets of Hamari Saas Leela..

Ankit Bathla who replaced Karam Rajpal in Hamari Saas Leela a few days back had a bitter experience on the sets recently. It seems the actor had a particular scene where he had to tame a dog that was let loose on the principal of the college.  However, while the scene was being shot the dog attacked and bit Ankit on his right hand. The young man was rushed to a nearby hospital and he had to endure the necessary injections.

Its not the painful experience Ankit had to endure is what we are wondering about. Rather, we are wondering what provisions do these animal lovers have in such cases who blow things out of proportion if necessary approvals are not taken from them. Tch.. Tch..

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