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Lets celebrate Diwali amidst the gleam of Diyas and the echo of the chants leaving all egos, bitterness and pessimism

In India, there's a festival every full moon-lit night, but no time of the year are the halwais as busy as during this festival that falls on Amavasya. On Diwali even the most self-conscious have their strict diet regimens flying out of the window, as they bite into an array of delicacies. In fact the B-town brigade has already started indulging even as they tell Films & TV World, how they are gonna celebrate and what's on their wish list.

Jackie Bhagnani
Actor / Dancer / Singer / Cook
We are gonna celebrate Diwali in a splendid way with family and friends. We do puja at home. The whole family comes together.

Sakshi Tanwar
Festivals have always been an important ingredient in Bollywood flicks and now serials that are enjoyed watching by all. And these days, every serial on air has some or the other grandiose plans for their characters to celebrate Diwali and other festivities in the grandeur way. And as Priya in Bade Achche Lagte Hai, I will be celebrating Diwali in a big way. So I’m celebrating in the grandest way possible. Additionally, my audiences will get to see both me and Ram Kapoor on KBC also. That was as Priya. But, as Sakshi, I will celebrate Diwali in a very simple way with family and friends. I also hope that everyone celebrates a safe Diwali and be careful.

Jass Bhatia
Actor - Mausam (Debuted with Shahid Kapoor and Sonam)
Diwali as usual I will celebrate with my family and friends at my place only - No crackers, no pollution, only candles and diyas. Will go to Gurudwara and pray for me and my family's best future and pray for other people too who lost their beloved in blasts and terrorism in past days, May god support them all and give them courage and happiness. Help aspiring actors and models who really wish to work in Bollywood.

After Mausam I got few movie offers, but I’m looking for something that is more challenging.  After working with such a big Banner like Cinergy and legends like Pankaj Kapur ji and Shahid kapur ji in my debut film, I am hungry for better characters. Hope for the best.

Dia Mirza:
Like everyone else, even I'll celebrate Diwali with my family.

Girish Nagpal
Actor - Strings of Passion, The Sound of Silence
A daily ritual, my Diwali will start with few chapters from the Bhagvad Geeta, a thanksgiving prayer to the lord for all that I have received till now, and then gorge on sweets and namkeens with family and friends. Would also go out and meet relatives and friends, catch some good movies and Ra.One is top on the charts. Though I am very much a part of this industry, yet I’m not a party animal. So I will be more indoors than outdoors. But, I’m sure going to enjoy to the hilt. Wishing you all a safe and Happy Diwali.

Kartik Tiwari
Actor  - Pyaar ka Punchnama
Well going to miss my family this diwali as I’m not at my native place Gwalior. So will be celebrating here in Mumbai with my friends. Im raring to light up diyas ans burst crackers. This Diwali have done lots of shopping - new range of T-shirts & trousers and looking forward to buy some suits. I wish all of you a Very Happy and have a safe Diwali. 

Sulagna Panigrahi
Actor - Murder 2
Well, first of all am very happy this year to be back after 2yrs at my home town Delhi. Going to celebrate This Diwali with family and friends making rangoli and lightining up diyas. Also going to do a lot of shopping as Delhi is good place for shopping. Gonna purchase lots of Indian clothes. A message I want to give all of you. Have a safe Diwali. Kids should burn limited crackers so that there is less pollution

Rajat Barmecha
Actor - Udaan
Diwali as usual I will celebrate with my family and friends at my place only - No crackers, no pollution, only candles and diyas. And the best part is my Mom & Dad are flying to be here with me. This is the best Diwali gift I could ever wish for.

Rishi Bhutani
Like everyone else, even I'll celebrate Diwali with my family and friends with lots of mithais, but no crackers. And ya, please, please, please… Have a safe and pleasant Diwali and please be careful with crackers.

DJ Ashish Nagpal
DJ, Music Director
No crackers for me. I hope there was a better way to celebrate Diwali without polluting the atmosphere and adding hazards to others lives. So what if its second hand smoke, but it does kill. It's dangerous and bad for health. Have a smoke free Diwali.

Devrath Sikdar
Music Director - Vikalp, Payback, Strings of Passion
Looking forward to my first married Diwali. The best things about diwali are the lights and the sweets. As I have an aversion to crackers, I really don’t enjoy it so much. Will have a good time at home as my brother will be coming down from Pune to celebrate the festival with me.
Ravikant Singh
Director – Short Films
This is the first Diwali that I am celebrating without my friends and family back home, Yet, this is still special for reasons more than one. Kick starting my career and the plunge to fulfill my dreams are one among them. I have some really close friends out here in Mumbai and planning to be a part of their festivities, so that the day after Diwali I find a rejuvenated me.

Sundeep Malani
I will be celebrating this Diwali with my family at Bangalore. We will be celebrating together with diyas, mithais and ofcourse my film Jaanleva 555 that I plan to show to my family - that’s the best gift to them. This is because they haven’t seen it yet and my wife and my son are very much part of the project!
Seema Thakur
Ye Deepwali ka tyohaar hai. Khoob saare diye jhalaa kar, pure ghar ko sajaa kar, achi achi mithaiyaan banakar, sab rishthey daaro ko bulakar, sundar sundar rangoli banakar, khuub diye hum sab jalayenge, Maa Laxmi ji ko bulayenge, kheel batashain mithaiyan phool malayen chadayenge aur sab khushi khushi deepawali manayenge. I’m not very fond of crackers but sometimes due to the seasons I enjoy them safely. After marriage this is our first Diwali and me and Arpit have planned to celebrate it with our family, relatives and dear ones.

Ashish Rampal
Director - Short Films
I plan to celebrate this auspicious day with my family amidst the diyas and crackers and follow it by going to relatives places the next day for exchange sweets as is the tradition. I would definetly love to buy a canon DSLR.. for Diwali.. for better film-making.. Happy Diwali to all.

Mohan Das
Producer / Director (Eon Films)
It is the time of the year to celebrate the "Triumph of Good over Evil" and the zeal and fervor of the festival is very evident seeing the streets and nukkads. The time of the year to let go off all egos, bitterness and pessimism and embark on a new journey amidst the gleam of Diyas and the echo of the chants. It is the time to begin new ventures, to spread light, burst crackers, count your blessings and share your happiness. Isn’t this real essence of Diwali...the festival of lights?

And a special piece of advice to the workaholics who are blindly engaged in competing to be a part of the rat race and are getting entangled in the materialistic web with each passing day. Spend time with your family, friends and children. Make them feel special...Indulge in fun and frolic. And you will surely feel a new sense of vigour and vivacity in whatever work you are engaged in for the entire year.


Actor (Serials like Shobha Somnath Ki, Kasam Se, Jhaansi Ki Rani)
Avoid noisy and dangerous crackers.. Lets just wish Happy Diwali, instead of Happy and Safe Diwali.. HAPPY DIWALI.... Keep it simple..

Anant Vijay Joshi
Actor - Jaanleva 555, Woh 5 Din..
This is the first Diwali that I am celebrating outside home without friends and family and missing them all. Yet, I will be celebrating it with my uncle (Mama) and family who are based here. I just wanna wish all of you lots of love and togetherness as I’m yearning for my close ones. Have a pollution free Diwali. This is the only earth we have and lets do our bit to save it.

Aviral Sachdeva
Actor (Bengali Films)
No matter where I am I like to be back home with my parents for Diwali. It was no different this year. We decorated the house with diyas and lights, mom prepared traditional mithais… some traditions we don’t want to change. And we are happy with it. I gorged on sweets, burnt a lot of crackers and did a lot of masti and fun. And ya, Ra.One is top on the list and I have to see it in 3D.

Akash Hora
Actor - Jaanleva, Jo Jo Laali, Woh 5 Din..
This Diwali like all the previous ones, is traditionally being celebrated with my family and friends while mom seems to be busy with the preparation for Laxmi pooja, I enjoy watching her making sweets decorating house etc. This Diwali I am trying to help my mom in decorating the house with candles and lamps its giving me a very special feeling. After doing the pooja I am planning to burn lots of crackers with my bro and friends. I would end up this Diwali night with delicious food by my mom and pray for the happiness of all the dear ones in my life.

With inputs from Pooja Dutta, Aditya Koley and Kritika Kapur

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