Saturday, October 29, 2011

Jaanleva 555 exclusive special preview at Mumbai. Next Stop at Los Angeles

Jaanleva 555 that is all set to have an exclusive first preview screening in Hollywood, Los Angeles on November 4, was shown to a few select audiences in Mumbai pre-diwali. However, unlike the first preview show in Los Angeles, California on November 4th 2011 that will be a fund raiser for a critical medical cause, the Mumbai screening was just for a few friends before Producer / Actor Kalpana Pandit flew off to the US. The medical cause for which funds will be raised shall be revealed only during the first preview show. Glue, LLC of Hollywood has acquired the representation rights for Jaanleva 555

Directed by Sundeep Malani, Jaanleva 555 is a mystical romantic thriller set in the exotic jungle locales of India. To release in February 2012, Jaanleva is sure to sneak up, messes with your head, and then floor you. You can't shake it. It's that haunting, that hypnotic. As the film moves back and forth from one bygone era to todays times, the movie is bound to keep the viewers enthralled.

Starring Kalpana Pandit, Jaanleva 555 will be introducing supermodel Abrar Zahoor as leading man. It also stars Cliff Janke, Akash Hora, Willy Manchanda, Mann Hora, Shona Chabra, Anant Vijay Joshi & Ranjeet Jha. Renowned actor Anant Nag has a very crucial role to play in this film and is just brilliant to watch. But Ranjeet Jha plays a really interesting character.

Though not to reveal the plot and the storyline, the focus is very much on character development, and the central mystery itself keeps you involved. The film is pretty much moving fast and takes unexpected turns when you least expect it. With a solid storyline and excellent breathtaking locales which are a rare treat to watch, the film has good performances by Kalpana and a dashing performance by Cliff Janke. Not a masterpiece though, but overall it is engaging as it twists conventions and then goes down a very unique path making it interesting. In short can say, Sundeep Malani has poured his heart and everything he knows about directing into Jaanleva.

The Jaanleva Team.. 
The film will enthrall audiences with thirteen foot tapping melodies composed by seven fresh music directors from India and USA. The lilting and foot tapping musical numbers are composed by Dev Chauhan on lyrics by Sanjay Mishra. The film boasts of fresh talented playback singers Raja Hasan Sagar, Ajay Shukla, Deepa Narayan, Pamela Jain, Aditi Paul and Tarannum Mallick. House of Pandit is proud to state that ace choreographer Longie Fernandez of "Jai Ho" Slumdog Millionaire fame has consented to choreograph the chartbuster title track of the film. Besides this, well known dancers from a reality show will choreograph songs for the film. With Cinematography by Selvam, the film has script screenplay written by Sundeep Malani himself. This is the maiden feature film production from the “House of Pandit" banner.

This film is unique in that it pledges donation of a percentage of the net profits to a critical medical cause in relation to the exciting storyline. The cause will be revealed at the premiere of the film. However, to take this medical cause forward, celebrities from the Indian Film and Television Industry have been gracious enough to film public service messages to support this critical medical cause associated with Jaanleva 555. 

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